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Pathways to Success


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Home Schooling

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Online Learning

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Virtual Learning

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Blended Learning

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Distance Learning

Deepening our knowledge and understanding of new and emerging technologies to provide students with pathways to success.

What is Online Learning?

  • Online learning always involves an internet connection and can include virtual face-to-face interactions (webinar, online lecture, virtual meeting). 
  • Uses online tools for learning, such as online curriculum or virtual space or conferencing software. 
  • Could be considered a mix of virtual learning and blended learning. 

What is E-Learning?

  • E-Learning utilizes digital tools for teaching and learning, and the technology facilitates the learning process. 
  • Can be used online or in a classroom setting. 
  • Students take a course from a teacher but only interact with the teacher online. 
  • Students have unlimited access to the content. 
  • The course completion, program, or degree is distributed online. 

What Is Distance Learning?

  • The structure is the same as online learning. 
  • Specific purpose is to attract students from all locations. 
  • Can provide instruction to someone learning in a different time and place than that of the teacher and other students. 

What is Blended Learning?

  • Blended learning is the combination of classroom and virtual learning. 
  • Ideally integrates virtual learning in a way that individualizes and enhances instruction for students.
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