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English Language Arts 20

The course is centered around two themes with each theme containing two modules.

Theme #1: Beginning and Becoming (Modules One & Two)

Theme #2: Moving Forward – Establishing & Realizing (Modules Three & Four)

All of the literature components in the course deal with the “coming of age” idea that as we journey through life we learn about ourselves, others and the world. The literature also deals with turning points and transitions that occur in our life’s journey that may affect the path we are on.

The course will engage students to extend their language skills and strategies through opportunities to view, listen, read, speak, write and use other forms of representing.  The aim of the Saskatchewan curriculum is to help students understand and appreciate language and to use it confidently and competently in a variety of situations for learning and communication in school and in life. 

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Module #, Course Content, Day Count

Module 1: 50 Days
To Kill a Mockingbird Novel Study
– Writer’s Workshop

– 10 assignments on the novel that cover an array of topics:
(Harper Lee, Great Depression, Emmett Till Murder, To Kill a Mockingbird Review, Style, Racism, Gender Media, Heroism, Tom Robinson, Ewell Case Study, Justice, Tolerance, Equality Poster, Equity, and the Final Enrichment Task.)
– 8 Writer’s Workshop assignments

Module 2: 30 Days
– The study of short story writing
– 5 Short Stories:
“The Father”
“A Thief in the Family”
“The Necklace”
“Penny in the Dust”
“The Doll’s House”
– Writer’s Workshop

– 7 assignments on the study of short story writing
– 5 assignments for the 5 short stories presented in the module.
– 3 Writer’s Workshop assignments

Module 3: 35 Days
– Keeper’n Me Novel Study
– Writer’s Workshop

– 8 assignments on the novel study that cover an array of topics:
(plot, characterization, theme, reading logs.)
– 6 Writer’s Workshop assignments

Module 4 – 15 Days
– The Glass Menagerie playscript study
– Writer’s Workshop

– 7 assignments all related to the scene study of the play.
– 1 Writer’s Workshop assignment

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