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Science 10

There are four core units in Science 10 which provides a background for the future senior science classes.

Unit 1: Sustainability of Ecosystems explores biodiversity within local ecosystems, cultural perspectives on sustainability, and the population dynamics within an ecosystem to a name a few concepts.

Unit 2: Chemical Reactions provides an excellent preparation for senior chemistry classes using models, chemical equations and a few ‘kitchen chemistry’ labs.

Unit 3: Motion in Our World is a physic based unit in which distance, time and speed are investigated in relation to acceleration. Graphical and mathematical analysis are used to explore this unit.

Unit 4: Weather Dynamics: Don’t like the weather? Wait for half an hour! In this unit meteorological data will be explored to make sense of climate change, local weather and severe weather systems in Canada and around the world.

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Sustainability of Ecosystems (30 days)

  • Exploring cultural views on sustainability
  • Examining Biodiversity
  • Analyzing Populations
  • Identifying cycles, change, and stability in ecosystems
  • Investigating human impact on ecosystems

Chemical Reactions (45 days)

  • Chemical Reactions and Reaction Rates
  • Representing Chemical Reactions
  • Acids and Bases

Motion (45 days)

  • Motion Part 1
  • Motion Part 2
  • Motion Part 3

Weather (20 days)

  • Introduction to Weather Unit
  • Category 1: Weather
  • Category 2: Weather Prediction
  • Category 3: Global Warming
  • Category 4: Weather Journal
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