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Social Studies 90

Social 90 consists of 5 units. Descriptions of concepts that are developed and their time frames include the following:

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit One: History and Society 30 days
Introduction to History, Archaeology, Society and identity, Government, Language, Culture, Tradition, Religion, World and Citizenship, and Ancient Civilization

Unit Two: Interactions and Interdependence 28 days
What constitutes a society? How do time and place, culture, language, religion, gender identity, socio-economic situations, and education shape a society’s worldview? How is worldview expressed in the daily life of a society? How does worldview influence the choices, decisions, and interactions in a society?

Unit Three: Dynamic Relationships 27 days
How do we obtain information about past societies? How have key historical events shaped our lives? How does the natural environment shape a society? How have past societies shaped contemporary Canadian society?

Unit Four: Power and Authority 28 days
How does power and authority impact the governance of a society? How has empire-building and territorial expansion impacted the indigenous populations around the world? How do roles and responsibilities of citizens affect a society?

Unit Five: Resources and Wealth 28 days

How do different perspectives regarding acquisition and distribution of resources and wealth affect individuals in societies? How does trade and transportation impact the development of a society? How does technology, both past and present, influence contemporary society?

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