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Mathematics 90​

The aim of the K-12 Mathematics program is to prepare individuals who value mathematics and appreciate its role in society. The K-12 Mathematics curricula are designed to prepare students to cope confidently and competently with everyday situations that demand the use of mathematical concepts including interpreting quantitative information, estimating, performing calculations mentally, measuring, understanding spatial relationships, and problem solving. The Mathematics program is intended to stimulate the spirit of inquiry within the context of mathematical thinking and reasoning.   

The outcomes in Grade 9 Mathematics build upon students’ prior learnings and continue to develop their number sense, spatial sense, logical thinking, and understanding of mathematics as a human endeavour. These continuing learnings prepare students to be confident, flexible, and capable with their mathematical knowledge in new contexts. 

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Unit One – Powers and Exponent Laws (15 days)
Unit Two – Rational Numbers (16 days)
Unit Three – Polynomials (16 days)
Unit Four – Linear Equations and Inequalities (16 days)
Unit Five – Linear Relations (15 days)
Unit Six – Square Roots and Surface Area (13 days)
Unit Seven Similarity and Transformations  (15 days)
Unit Eight – Circle Geometry (10 days)
Unit Nine – Probability and Statistics (12 days)

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