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English Language Arts A10

In ELA A10, the goals for the course are to make the students become better writers and more reflective thinkers. We will be accomplishing this by studying poetry, essays, novels, plays, and short stories. We will focus on creating clean, clear, and succinct writing. By completing the homework and the other major assignments, we will be constantly practicing the processes that will help us become effective writers. 

Course Information / Credit Recovery Units

Module One PART ONE – Challenges = Opportunities and Obstacles (27 days) 

1. “Ex-Basketball Player”
2. “If”
3. “Cooks Brook”
4. “Courage”
5. “David”
6. “Fast Break”
7. “Goliath”
8. “Superman’s Song”
9. “To James”
10. “Lather and Nothing Else”
11. “A Man Who Had No Eyes”
12. “My Left Foot”
13. “I Have A Dream” 

Module One – PART TWO  (30 days)

14. “The Only Wheelchair in Town”
15. “Breaking the Ice”
16. An Excerpt from, “She Should Talk”
17. Miracle Worker Play
18. Module 1 Checklist 

Module Two – The Unknown = Hopes and Fears (32 days) 

1. “Let Us Leave Nothing Left Unsaid”
2. “Lonliness”
3. “Ender’s Game” Novel Study
4. Module 2 Checklist 

Module Three – Canadian Frontiers and Homeland (40 days) 

1. “Ancestors – Genetic Source”
2. “Remembrance”
3. “Secret Lost in the Water”
4. “Skating Party”
5. “To Everything There is a Season”
6. Independent Novel Study
7. ELA A10 Course Survey
8. Module 3 Checklist

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