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English Language Arts 8

This course is designed to fulfill the curricular objectives of the Saskatchewan Grade 8 English Language Arts curriculum.  It is divided into 5 units of study.

Each unit of study contains readings, novels, movies, videos, and activities of their own. No additional text/books is required.  Within each unit, you will be asked to complete assignments and exams. There are also a variety of links to videos, websites, and other media provided.  These links are only a small sample of what is available for you to use on the internet.  Please feel free to use any other sources that you find – just keep track of the sources you use for your assignments.

Course Information

Unit One – Becoming Myself (5 weeks) Students are looking inward and focusing on self-image and self-esteem.  They reflect on self and life, and on their beliefs and values and those of their society.

Section 1: Who Am I? Short Stories – 1.5 weeks
Section 2: More Short Stories and Fables – 2 weeks
Section 3: The Diary of Anne Frank ~ A Play – 1.5 weeks

Unit Two – Is It Fair? In Search of Justice (9 weeks) Students look outward and examine their relationships with others, their community, and that of the world. They also consider the historical context. 

Section 1: Social Justice – 1 week
Section 2: Shawnadithit and the Beothuk Tribe – 0.5 week
Section 3: Residential Schools – 1.5 weeks
Section 4: I Have A Dream – 0.5 week
Section 5: Remember The Titans – 0.5 week
Section 6: Japanese Internment – 1 week
Section 7: Child Labour – 1 week
Section 8: Touching Spirit Bear Novel Study – 3 weeks

Unit Three – First Nations and Greek Mythology (8 weeks) Students consider the imaginary worlds and possibilities.

Section 1: What is Mythology? – 1 week
Section 2: First Nations Wesakechak – 1.5 week
Section 3: Introduction to the Greeks – 0.5 week
Section 4: Greek Mythology – 3.5 weeks
Section 5: Greek Mythological Monsters – 0.5 week
Section 6: Greek Mythology Final Project – 1 week

Unit Four – Burning Questions (6 weeks) Students consider the role of communication in their lives and the ideas and technologies that help people become effective communicators. 

Section 1: Burning Questions Extend Our Learning – 1.5 weeks
Section 2: How have innocent people suffered so that others could gain? – 1.5 weeks
Section 3: How could the suffering of innocent people been allowed? – 1 week
Section 4: Why are innocent people still suffering today? – 0.5 week
Section 5: What is our social responsibility? 1.5 weeks

Unit Five – Adventure and Adventurers (10 weeks) Students explore the elements of the natural and constructed world and the role of technology and related developments in their society. 

Section 1: Are You An Adventurer? – 1 week
Section 2: Against Great Odds – 1 week
Section 3: Breaking New Ground – 1.5 weeks
Section 4: Imaginative Adventurers – 1.5 weeks
Section 5: Unit End Project Options – 1 week
Section 6: Novel Study Options ~ Brian’s Winter/The Cay/Z for Zachariah – 4 weeks

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